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Turning photos into a video – the super easy way

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Turning photos into video is really, actually, incredibly simple thanks to a site called As a test (making anything longer than a 30-second clip requires a $30/year subscription) I made a video from photos of my recent road trip to Las Vegas. Pretty neat.

Vegas 09

I mentioned before that creating this thing was simple. As in like 10 clicks simple. Choose the photos to upload, choose a song, and the site software automatically analyzes the audio to make the final product appear cohesive and intentional. I’ll let you know if I pony up the $30.

Written by Tony

September 21, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Things I Love Today #7

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Irish Car Bombs
I’ve never been much of a Guinness drinker; I’m more of a wheat beer and lager guy and the dark stuff reminds me too much of coffee. But then I tried one of these frothy, smooth, rich, creamy, wonderfully delectable little concoctions. There will be plenty more of these guys sparking my evenings of fun in the not-too-distant future.

Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event
There’s an entire night of regrets and lost-out-on love in this little ditty. I know I’m late to the blogosphere on the Event, but this song is worth mentioning. “And the piano’s this melancholy soundtrack to her smile//And that white dress she’s wearing—you haven’t seen her for a while.”

Peter Bradley Adams – Leavetaking
Adams’ second album is downright fantastic. His voice has a rare warmth that gives his songs a feeling of hope and comfort, no matter how melancholy or forlorn his lyrics get.

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February 9, 2009 at 4:09 am

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It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times.

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Yes, this is going to be one of those deeper, introspective posts blogdom tends to draw from people.

I’m always weary of the beginning of a new semester. And while this one is no different, for the first time in a while I feel I’m starting almost entirely anew. I’m perched at a kitchen table, in my very first off-campus house. I’m making my own food (tonight’s an experimental mash-up of buffalo style popcorn chicken and mac ‘n cheese spirals). I don’t really have a significant other. I don’t have a night job.

For the past 3 semesters I’ve been a resident of a fraternity that cooked for me, arranged my social schedule, and kept me awake much longer into the night than I often wished.

I’m beating around the bush a bit, but I think the most positive way to look at things right now is I have plenty of time to spend with myself. I no longer sleep 6 feet from my best friend Ken. And I no longer regularly have someone else’s body hugging my curves while visions of sugar plums dance in our heads.

Which is, to be honest, a little weird and uncommon.

For better or for worse, I guess.

Things I love today:

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
I’m told Bon Iver is spelled wrong—that they meant to be “good winter” in French, which would be “Bon Hiver”—but the music is anything but a bad translation. The name of the album hits the mood spot-on, and singer Justin Vernon’s super-indie sound cuts to the bone like a rush of wind-blown snow.

Californication Season 2
Just finished the latest season of David Duchovny’s sex-fueled comedy, and I can’t wait for the third. Duchovny’s character, an inspiration-deprived LA writer who fucks an endless stream of women trying to fill the void caused by the loose relationship he has with his baby’s momma. Confused? See the show.

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January 18, 2009 at 12:46 am

Must Be The Money

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This is one of those topics every teenager seems to cover at some point in their life with plenty of whining and complaining, but I’M TIRED OF GOING INTO STORES AND NO ONE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME.

Call me ridiculous, but I walked into my local Mike’s Camera today looking to spend nothing short of $500. I walked out having spent nil.

I was looking to buy a couple new lenses, a Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 (retail $479) and a Canon 28mm f/2.8 ($179). Plus filters and things to go along with them. I approached the counter, where a salesman begrudgingly shifted his focus from staring at his shoelaces to me. Standing in front of him, camera in hand, I ask to see the lenses I’m in pursuit of. Unfortunately, neither is in stock.

“The holidays have been good to us,” he says.

“And also to me,” I reply, hinting that I have some cash to burn. “That’s why I’m in here.”

He turns around, looks at the display case, and says they won’t have much in stock for another couple of weeks. And then he walks away.

I’m left peering across the counter into the case, only to find there are several lenses—more expensive ones, mind you—of similar dimensions that the salesman made no effort to sell to me.

Luckily the internet loves everyone’s money and will be receiving mine.

Things I love today:

Gap Standard Fit Jeans
I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit as well as these do, and believe me, I’ve been trying. I bought two more pair of them today.

Photoshop Actions
Why experiment with images trying to get an “instant vintage” look when someone else has already perfected it. The internet has plenty of these one-click solutions.

Written by Tony

January 7, 2009 at 11:05 pm