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New Year’s Promise

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Well, I can’t say I exactly jumped into my new year’s resolution this year. Last year it was to work out more (oh I know, so cliché, right?) but this year it’s to blog and write and read more.

“I hate writing, I love having written.”
Dorothy Parker

I generally don’t like to write, and I especially loathe writing about myself. There’s something about me that would rather only read something really compelling, unless it has some element of sex or violence that wrangles my hormone-driven young adult male consciousness. But every once in a while I remember that it’s easier to write about what you know, and though I know a couple people who wouldn’t hesitate to debate it, I tend to know me best.

I’m currently on break from university, sitting on a sunlit leather couch with my new dog sitting at my feet—loyal companion indeed. Maybe this afternoon I’ll head to the mountains to go skiing, but before that I have to attend a “training class” to learn how to use my new contacts. After finally getting used to wearing glasses everyday, I’m taking the next step. But the problem is I have a terrible issue with touching my eye. Even thinking about it now makes me tear up. I can’t even do eye drops; I have vivid memories of my parents holding me down to the bed as I writhed and squirmed away from the Pink Eye medication drops I often had to endure. So we’ll see how this class goes.

Of course I can’t go up to the mountains unless by some miracle a girl I’m in love with texts or calls me back. But that would be a true miracle.

Things I love today:

Into Dust – Ashtar Command
found this track when I downloaded the OC Mix 6. I’m a sucker for anything longer than 7 minutes with plenty of instrumentalism. Also see The Album Leaf and The Island – The Decemberists
Like CraigsList, yet everything’s free. Signup is a little convoluted and involved (also requires signup for Yahoo! Groups) but once you’re in it’s worth it. I’m excited to get back to school so I can take advantage of the Columbia group, which has over 5,000 members.

Californication Season 1
My roommate swears this show is modeled on my life, and I have to unwillingly agree with him. David Duchovny is brilliant, and I can’t wait to get through Season 2. The first scene in the first episode had me searching for the Thumbs Up button. Download here.


Written by Tony

January 6, 2009 at 5:01 pm