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Infinity Project – Update

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We’ve worked out a partnership with, another project from the Convergence Journalism 4992 Capstone course at Mizzou. Now folks can find our parody news videos alongside helpful advice for nightlife and entertainment in Columbia, Missouri!

You can find a link to our video here.

Written by Tony

November 11, 2009 at 5:41 pm

The Infinity Project – Update

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After meeting with Stacey Woelfel, the news director of KOMU this past week, we’ve discovered our prototype doesn’t have a specific home. The effects of our discussion (which came on the heels of an e-mail from an unhappy Kim Dude about our interview) were two-fold: we’re able to design our own product, and we’re not helped by having a slot/audience predefined.

While we’re suddenly able to do just about anything we’d like to do (given full creative freedom with no restrictions like language), we’re also stuck with the challenge of defining an audience, preparing our own format, and determining how to best market the final product.

We had assumed from the beginning that Woelfel would like to have a hand in the development of the prototype. Rather, he’s giving us a very long leash to accomplish what we want. Suddenly we’re on our own, and perhaps in the future (once we show a success or unsuccess) it will be picked up by KOMU in some capacity.

We also found when we tried uploading the footage from our interviews that the record heads on the camera were dirty and we lost bits of audio and video throughout. It’s a technical difficulty that is a rare but unfortunate setback. We’ll have to edit around it, but at least it’s only for our pilot. Our plan is to debut our pilot for our research presentation on the 28th. We’ll be conducting surveys afterward to better determine what worked well and what didn’t go over well.

Written by Tony

September 21, 2009 at 4:12 pm